Porcelain Restorations

Dr. Raji uses only the latest aesthetic materials combined with advanced techniques to create beautiful restorations that blend in naturally with your own smile.

These advanced porcelain materials are very similar to natural tooth enamel, are wear resistant, and restore teeth to their original appearance. Each porcelain restoration is hand crafted and custom fitted to your tooth and your bite. Porcelain restorations not only bond to the tooth structure strengthening the teeth and making them more resistant to fractures, but also cosmetically blend into the existing tooth enamel.

When indicated, Dr. Raji will recommend Inlays/Onlays to conservatively repair teeth that have large defective fillings or have been damaged by decay. An inlay is an indirect restoration fitted to a cavity in a tooth and cemented into place. An onlay is essentially identical to an inlay with the exception that it extends to replace one or more of the chewing cusps that have also been affected. These restorations are generally more conservative because less tooth structure is removed during the preparation preserving more of your natural occlusion (bite). In some cases where a tooth is severely damaged, a crown may be necessary to protect and strengthen the tooth structure. A crown completely covers all surfaces of the tooth above the gum line.