Advantage of Implants

Advantage of Implants:

  • With dental implants you can eat all the food you like. Eating with implant teeth is just like natural teeth. Your diet will not be limited to just soft food.
  • Implant teeth feel, function, and look like natural teeth.
  • Unlike bulky dentures, implant teeth have the exact size and anatomy as natural teeth
  • Unlike bridges, implant teeth are not attached to, and do not damage other natural teeth.
  • Maintenance of facial bone. Dental implants prevent bone loss. This is due to stimulation of the jawbone by the chewing forces transmitted by inserted implants.
  • Improved chewing ability. Dental implants provide a solid and stable foundation for new teeth. Patients are able to eat without worrying about moving or loose dentures.
  • Improved phonetics. Eliminating bulky, loose dentures, improves phonetics significantly. Dental implants feel like natural teeth and patients actually forget they have missing teeth.
  • Improved psychological health. Having dental implants is like having a new set of natural teeth. With all the comfort of eating, talking, and socializing without the fear of embarrassment, the individual’s self image is tremendously enhanced.
  • Improved esthetics. By preventing bone loss, often through bone repair and replacement, implant procedures significantly improve facial esthetics
  • Regained chewing awareness. Dental implants directly transmit chewing forces to the jawbone, which helps patient’s chewing awareness. With dentures, the roof of the mouth (palate) and all gum surfaces are covered, which prevents taste and chewing reception.
  • Maintenance of muscles of chewing and facial expression. A sound, healthy bone structure is vital for intact overlying facial muscles. By preventing facial bone loss, dental implants maintain the integrity of facial muscles.
  • Increased retention and stability of dentures. With dental implants, loose, instable dentures can effectively be anchored to jawbone and provide stability and retention.
  • By using dental implants, the use of denture adhesives can be eliminated.
  • The long term success rate of dental implants is impressively high (close to 100%)